Data Engineering Consultant

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As a Data Engineer, your main task is to prepare data for analytical or operational use. You are responsible for building data pipelines to bring together information from different source systems. You integrate, consolidate and cleans data and give it structure before it can be used in analytical applications.

What we ask of you:

  • Knowledge of and work experience in the field of Data Engineering;
  • Knowledge of data modelling conceptually and dimensionally;
  • Experience with cloud architectures;
  • Experience with Cloud (e.g. Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc.);
  • Experience with Scrum, Agile and Devops methodologies;
  • Experience with technologies such as Databricks, Spark Structured Streaming and PySpark;
  • Experience translating the functional and non-functional requirements of the user into appropriate solutions;
  • Experience analysing source data and designing data models.

What you can expect from Sc.Tiger: 

  • Challenging assignments at large Dutch organisations;
  • A professional work environment with very experienced colleagues;
  • Choice in assignments;
  • Extensive training and certification opportunities;
  • Permanent employment or the opportunity to work as an independent professional through a Associate model;
  • A good salary, complemented with an attractive bonus;
  • Excellent benefits, such as pension, lease car, laptop and fixed allowance for mobile phone costs.

We want you to be able to focus on your passion. Sc.Tiger helps you in every step of your career. Our team and fellow experts are there for you and has your back. Let Sc.Tiger help you in your journey.