Focus on
your journey,
chase it.

Sc.Tiger is a knowledge-driven organization and founded by BI & Data experts. We 'manage from expertise' by empathizing with the challenges of a consultant. We roll up our sleeves and train, coach and develop BI & Data professionals. We keep it simple. Just change, improve, grow, or in other words move forward consistently.

Determine your own work plan

Choose the type of work that suits you


Being an employee means security in an inspiring environment. You get a fixed salary that is above average and you enjoy working for our ambitious clients.


As an associate you have the security of being employed and the freedom of an entrepreneur. A form of entrepreneurship with the security of an employer.

Our 'space'

Sc.Tiger consists of experts who together form a knowledge environment in which everyone has the freedom to explore their true potential.

Client values

Purpose and progression are central

Empowering each other

We see our clients as part of the Sc.Tiger space, they become one of us.

Sharing knowledge together

Sc.Tiger surrounds you with professionals. We inspire each other to achieve greater goals.

Working transparently

Sc.Tiger is built on trust and loyalty. We are transparent about our earnings and agreements.