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The era of Artificial Intelligence. A roadtrip to “London AI SUMMIT 2023”.

04 July 2023
AI Summit London 10

Step into the dawn of the age of artificial intelligence (AI), where innovation and transformation go hand in hand with unimaginable speed. Every business, big or small, will feel the power of AI. It permeates every corner of the business world, from automated customer service to data-driven decision-making, opening the door to a future full of possibilities. But with this power also comes responsibility. Issues of ethics, transparency and security will force every company to adapt and rethink. In this exciting but complex new world, no one will be untouched. The London AI SUMMIT 2023 on 14-15 June was a privilege to attend and brought together exceptional thought, industry leaders and pioneering technologies. This event delved deeper into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence (AI). Together with Niek de Visscher (Data Scientist/Engineer), we got a glimpse into the future of AI and the impact it will have on the world of BI, Data and Cloud. So brace yourself and embrace the transformative power of AI.

The AI Summit began with a series of engaging talks on the AI landscape and future trends. The insights shared on the transformative power of AI in sectors such as healthcare, finance, transport and retail were nothing short of inspiring.

One of the lectures was about OFCOM's (is UK's communications regulator) vision for the future of data. This mapped out how OFCOM uses AI and effectively regulates its use - a crucial aspect in this fast-growing world of AI. Another fascinating discussion topic was the impact of the Metaverse on businesses, unravelling its potential to reshape the way we engage in communication and entertainment.

Titled "Scaling your data transformation strategy to create real business impact", Unilever gave its view. Unilever's R&D team has integrated digital technologies to transform the way they innovate, aiming to meet changing consumer needs amid challenges such as supply chain disruptions and the climate crisis. These technologies, including AI, facilitate improved collaboration, capability and customer focus. The 'discover-design-implement' approach uses these digital tools to make breakthroughs in ingredient discovery, product design and implementation. The digital and AI-infused approach also helps develop sustainable products that are not tested on animals, while optimising operational efficiency, driving future-proof innovations while protecting the planet.

Matthijs Phonebooth

Matthijs posing together with the iconic "British telephone box".

Niek Tobacco Dock

Niek just can't wait.

AI Summit London 8

Deployment of Microsoft on AI.

AI Summit London

Location: Tobacco Dock

tobacco dock

Location has a reputation of most "coolest events spaces in the capital".

Expo zones A and B were bustling hubs of activity, packed with numerous AI companies showcasing their latest breakthroughs. From tech giants like Google and NVIDIA to emerging startups like Hollistic AI and Evometrika, the diversity and innovation on show was remarkable. It was a unique opportunity to witness first-hand the cutting-edge AI solutions that will shape the future.

"Together we are shaping the future of AI innovation"

The Summit provided an environment to delve into the latest developments and breakthroughs in AI technology. Moreover, the showcase of AI solutions and products was unreal. A common theme that emerged from most of the discussions and keynotes was that AI is rapidly gaining acceptance in various sectors, but we need to be careful and use AI in a safe, transparent and ethical manner. Governments around the world are working to develop/ finalise regulations around AI that will help harness the power of AI while protecting human interests. The EU has already passed its first major hurdle with the EU AI Act.

With the topic "How should Businesses respond to the EU's First-ever AI Law?", the EU is working to regulate AI. The European Union's vision is to make its development and use safer and more transparent. In 2021, the European Commission proposed the first regulatory framework for AI, analysing and classifying AI systems according to the risk they pose. The European Parliament calls for a clear definition of AI and seeks safety, transparency, traceability, non-discrimination and environmental friendliness of AI systems. The proposed AI legislation distinguishes between different levels of risk, from unacceptable to limited risk. The legislation is currently under negotiation and seeks agreement by the end of 2023.

Let us continue to push the boundaries of AI and work together for a future where technology and humanity can co-exist harmoniously.

Niek food and drinks

English beer, approved by Niek.

Food in London

With good beer comes gourmet food.

Tiger art

Spotted: running tigers!

Big Ben London

Indispensable the Big Ben and... 

London City

...the "Double-Decker bus".

Gym Shark London

The Regent Street London.

For the past 2 days, we had the privilege of attending the AI Summit in London as part of London Tech week, and it was truly breathtaking. The event showcased the very best in artificial intelligence and brought together industry leaders, visionary AIs and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

As the sun set over the London skyline, the AI Summit closed its doors, but the city unfolded with its nighttime charms. We dipped into the gastronomic delights the city had to offer and toasted a successful conference with Meantime beer. London, a city brimming not only with AI innovation, but also with lively enjoyment!

Matthijs vd laan

Matthijs van der Laan

Data Analist/Reporting Developer