The purpose of information is to develop people

As a Business Intelligence professional, Data Scientist and Data Engineer, you know the value of data. Data provides insights, confirms or disproves assumptions and enables companies to make predictions about their future. Without you, companies can't do that.

While you work on challenging assignments with our customers, we work on you. We consider it our responsibility to help you discover and use your potential. We do this through coaching, training and knowledge sharing so that you continue to develop as a professional and together we can serve our customers even better.

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Determine your own work plan

Choose the work style that suits you


Being an employee means security in an inspiring environment. You get a fixed salary that is above average and you enjoy working for our ambitious clients.


As an associate you have the security of being employed and the freedom of an entrepreneur. A form of entrepreneurship with the security of an employer.

Let's start your journey

We give you the space to define your own journey and to face and overcome challenges together. We share our passion for data based on three core values:


Sc.Tiger operates on the basis of expertise. Sharing knowledge helps us connect, perform better and become stronger as professionals. Everything revolves around knowledge.


Sc.Tiger surrounds and supports you with experts who support you in all aspects. This support contributes to you, your environment and our clients.


We embrace equality. We achieve this by creating a culture of respect and freedom. By expanding our view, we see things we could not see before.

We facilitate an environment in which every Business Intelligence professional, Data Scientist and Data Engineer can develop themselves by learning with and from each other.