We are Business Intelligence, Data Science and Data Engineering experts.

Together we provide our clients with wisdom by turning data into information. Sc.Tiger aims for a data-driven world where intelligence is embedded in our society. For us, this is a given, but companies can always use the help of experts to achieve this. It's up to us to make data successful. We do that based on three areas of expertise: Business Intelligence, Data Science and Data Engineering.

Business Intelligence

A Business Intelligence consultant structures and transforms data into understandable insights. Using BI tools, company data is transformed into reports, dashboards and visualizations. These help to make analyses and strategic business decisions based on data.

Data Science

A Data Science consultant applies statistical analysis and machine learning to bring insight to data. With these insights, business processes can be optimized and (future) market developments can be better anticipated.

Data Engineer

Data Engineers work in a wide variety of environments to build systems that collect and integrate raw data, manage it and turn it into usable information for business analysts, BI consultants and data scientists. Data Engineers are uniquely qualified to store, process and make accessible huge amounts of (unstructured) data for different user groups.