Daniel Thans | BI Developer at Sc.Tiger

Remote working: the perfect symbiosis of work, family and Brazilian culture.

04 April 2023

My name is Daniel Thans, a devoted husband and proud father of an almost 3-year-old daughter. I have been working as a BI Consultant at Sc.Tiger since 1 March 2022. With my experience as a Business Intelligence Consultant/Analyst, I have made my mark in the retail industry, leveraging my love for technology and data in various roles.

My wife hails from Brazil and is part of a large, close-knit family. Brazilian culture is characterised by strong family values and close family ties. People celebrate parties, birthdays and special occasions lavishly in the company of loved ones. Hospitality and openness go without saying here, as does the importance of music and dance in daily life.

Despite the many advantages of living in the Netherlands, the distance from our family sometimes hits my wife hard. We take every opportunity to travel to Fortaleza to spend time with our loved ones while enjoying a well-earned holiday.

Fortunately, remote working, partly due to the corona pandemic, has opened many doors for us. Sc.Tiger and our current client are open to this way of working, allowing us to stay in Brazil longer. As a result, we can now seamlessly balance work and private life, which has significantly improved our lives.

Breezing out on the beach at Taiba with Mel and Lulu.

Palm trees at Beach Park in Fortaleza.

With family a home BBQ with shrimp.

With the buggy near Jazeiro.

The panoramic view from my room/office in Fortaleza.

Remote working allows me to adapt my working hours to the time difference between the Netherlands and Brazil. Although I get up early, around 5.30am, to start work around 6am, I can stop early in the afternoon and spend more time with my family.

In Brazil, I maintain an active lifestyle and play sports regularly with my brother-in-law. We play tennis, beachtennis, basketball and go mountain biking. Moreover, I love Brazilian cuisine, I immediately think of BBQ especially the delicious prawns and picanha from the grill.

Besides bustling cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil offers an impressive diversity of nature. I thoroughly enjoy beaches, sunsets, coastal walks, buggy rides and the refreshing sea air. The savannah, with its unique landscape and challenges, is also a favourite destination of mine.

In short, remote working has enriched our lives by creating a harmonious balance between work, family and the beautiful Brazilian culture.

Até nos encontrarmos novamente!

Daniel Thans

Business Intelligence Consultant/Analyst