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Data IT company Sc.Tiger gets investment from Iron Asset Management

2 february 2022
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Rakesh Baktawar, Jordy Kool and Chander Baktawar (from left).

Rijswijk, 2 February 2022 - Jordy Kool's investment company Iron Asset Management is investing in data IT company Sc.Tiger which specializes in business intelligence, data science and data engineering. Sc.Tiger is a fairly new player on the market. The management has years of experience at a similar IT company. The investment is made a year and a half after Sc.Tiger was founded, and means that Future Human Capital Group (FHCG) joins as a co-shareholder. Through this investment, FHCG broadens its scope in the IT industry and positions Sc.Tiger as a challenger in the data and consultancy business. Sc.Tiger is now one of the labels of Future Human Capital Group (FHCG) from The Hague.

Data is growing explosively, as is the ability to extract knowledge from it. The belief within Future Human Capital Group (FHCG) is that the future of data will shape every industry: "Although the value of data has been growing exponentially over the past few decades, we are still on the eve of a data-driven world. Therefore, this was the right time to invest in Sc.Tiger". Future Human Capital Group has had previous successes with its labels. Currently, this group has +/- 130 employees.

Knowledge Environment

Sc.Tiger aims to create a knowledge environment, where data is a shared passion used by every professional to grow into an expert. Chander Baktawar, one of the two founders of Sc.Tiger, says, "IT is a shared passion, but at the end of the day, it's all about people. Every person has a desire to develop. If you know where they want to go, then you can facilitate them in their desire. That's essentially what we do with our people." As experienced data specialists, the founders believe it is important to manage the organization from expertise. Rakesh Baktawar, Director Sc.Tiger explains, "Management manages the organization by empathizing with the challenges a consultant faces. We can literally roll up our sleeves and sit next to our people to help them".

Three forms of work

The most obvious form of work is that employees can be employed as specialists by Sc.Tiger. Security plays an important role here. The second form of work is to connect freelancers. Rietish Sardjoepersad, BI Consultant: "We see that the market of freelancers is growing, as well as the increase of freelance data consultants. Freelancers are strong knowledge carriers and we give them a place so they are not alone". The last and immediately most important form are the associates, where one can get a taste of entrepreneurship with a bit of security.

Data is an asset

We have passed the fase where businesses need to be taught that data is valuable. Entrepreneurs with lots of data see that data is also a business asset and should be treated as such. Future Human Capital Group (FHCG): "Figures are leading, this is what is steered by in every organization. Behind these figures are people. In principle we do not only steer on figures but also on people. If the people within your organization grow, then your organization grows".

For more information or questions, please contact Rakesh Baktawar, director and spokesperson of Sc.Tiger at or by phone at 06-52334994.

About Sc.Tiger
Sc.Tiger provides Business Intelligence professionals. The professionals help companies gain in-depth insight into their business processes and results, and use analysis to enhance decision-making.

About Jordy Kool
Iron Asset Management was founded in 2016 by Jordy Kool, an alumnus of Harvard, IMD and RSM Business School. Jordy has held various board and senior management positions. Before becoming an active investor and non-executive board member since 2014. His drive is to help companies, teams and people unleash their potential. His investment company has now invested in 18 different companies.